Welcome to our page. We thank you for checking us out and hope to see you out there in the pubs, clubs and theatres some time soon.

Back in Black was formed in 2016 and really we have set out to perform a tribute to a band that we have all learnt so much from in our musical journey, AC/DC.

Over the years we have seen countless bands perform a tribute to AC/DC so it was with caution that if we were to go down this path we would do it our way and perform the music with the same passion and quality of AC/DC themselves. The intention was to never imitate the band members, hence we don’t do the dress up or have the school boy Angus running around. It never felt right and really there is only one Angus. What we do however is deliver a powerful musical tribute to AC/DC, along with quality sound & lighting production. At the end of the day it is about the music.

Our current show is a tribute to the Back in Black album. It is the most successful AC/DC album and the second most successful album in history. 2020 marks the 40 year anniversary of the album so what better way to celebrate is by playing the album live.

We start our show playing the album in its entirety followed by some classic AC/DC tunes from the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras.

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